HTML5 will introduce quite a few changes with several oft used attributes and commands deprecated. It will also see an introduction to several new commands that effectively bring HTML up to Web 2.0 standards. Will they impact on SEO and do we need to be concerned with current programming?

There are some aspects of HTML4 that we probably do need to rethink right now as we design and write code for new web pages. Bloggers that intend on being around for a long time may also need to rethink how they manipulate text and images within a page. Commands like [center] and [font] will not be supported.

Other common attributes that won’t be supported include image manipulation such as [hspace] and [vspace], [align] and [border] and general commands such as [div align=]. These will all impact on future browsers if HTML4 is dropped completely.

Will it effect SEO? The inclusion of commands such as and will make it easier to add these functions to a web page so you can expect to see an increase in their uses. Where I think there may be a change is in anchor text and inbound links.

The preference in HTML5 will be the use of the [cite] command with the [blockquote]. If users take to this then an inbound link could have anchor text that is not really relevant to your web page’s keywords.

It’s far too early to tell what effect HTML5 will have on SEO. It will impact on web design with a new set of commands to use along with easier inclusion for video and audio. Do we need to worry? I think not yet – but the time will soon come when we will have to address the issue.

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